About Me

Hello! I am a PhD student in the Machine Intelligence Lab in the Engineering Department, the University of Cambridge.

I am working under the supervision of Prof. Mark Gales, and my PhD is funded by Cambridge Trust (Cambridge International & St John's College Scholarship).

Before starting my PhD, I was an undergraduate student in Engineering at the University of Cambridge (2015-19). I am a member of St John's College (matriculated in 2015).

Research Interests


  1. Podcast Summary Assessment: A Resource for Evaluating Summary Assessment Methods
    Potsawee Manakul, Mark Gales
    arxiv 2022
    [paper] [data]
  2. Sparsity and Sentence Structure in Encoder-Decoder Attention of Summarization Systems
    Potsawee Manakul, Mark Gales
    EMNLP 2021
    [paper] [code]
  3. Long-Span Summarization via Local Attention and Content Selection
    Potsawee Manakul, Mark Gales
    ACL 2021
    [paper] [code]
  4. CUED_SPEECH at TREC 2020 Podcast Summarisation Track
    Potsawee Manakul, Mark Gales
    TREC 2020
    (Won 1st place in the Spotify Podcast Summarisation task 2020)
    [paper] [code]
  5. Abstractive Spoken Document Summarization using Hierarchical Model with Multi-stage Attention Diversity Optimization
    Potsawee Manakul, Mark J. F. Gales, Linlin Wang
    Interspeech 2020
    (Best Student Paper Award Finalist)
    [paper] [code]
  6. Disfluency Detection for Spoken Learner English
    Yiting Lu, Mark J. F. Gales, Katherine M. Knill, Potsawee Manakul, Yu Wang
    SLaTE workshop at Interspeech 2019
  7. Impact of ASR Performance on Spoken Grammatical Error Detection
    Yiting Lu, Mark J. F. Gales, Katherine M. Knill, Potsawee Manakul, Linlin Wang, Yu Wang
    Interspeech 2019
  8. Automatic grammatical error detection of non-native spoken learner English
    Katherine M. Knill, Mark J. F. Gales, Potsawee Manakul, Andrew P. Caines
    ICASSP 2019

Teaching (Supervision)


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